报告题目: Probing Protein Structures at Interfaces by Chiral Sum
Frequency Generation Spectroscopy报 告 人: Professor 埃尔莎 Yan (YaleUniversity)报告时间: 二〇一八年10月一四日(礼拜贰)15:00报告地方:
25号楼3肆陆会议室材质科学与工程高校2018年三月三早报告人简单介绍:Dr. 埃尔莎 Yan
joined Yale University as an Assistant Professor of Chemistry in 2005and was promoted to Associate Professor in 二〇一三 and full professor in

告诉标题:Versatile Chromophores and Excited States – FromFundamentals
to Molecular Materials for Optoelectronic, Photonic and Memory
Functions报 告 人:Professor 薇薇安 Wing-Wah YAM(香港(Hong Kong)学院)邀 请
Vivian W.W. Yam is currently the Philip Wong 威尔逊 Wong Professor in
Chemistry and Energy and Chair Professor at The University of Hong Kong
(HKU). She obtained her BSc (First Class Hons) in 1玖捌伍 and PhD in 壹玖八七both from HKU. After two years on the faculty of the City Polytechnic of
Hong Kong (now City University of Hong Kong), she joined her alma mater
in 198玖, rising through the academic rank of Senior Lecturer (19九伍),
里德r (Professor) (1997), and was appointed Chair Professor in 一9玖七.
She was elected to Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) in
200壹 at the age of 3八 as the youngest member of the CAS, Foreign
Associate of the US National Academy of Sciences in 二〇一一, Fellow of the
TWAS in 200陆, Foreign Member of Academia Europaea in 20一伍, and Founding
Member of The Academy of Sciences of Hong Kong in 20一5. She was the
Laureate of 2011 L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Award and recipient
of 二〇〇七/0六 罗伊al Society of Chemistry (TiguanSC) Centenary Medal, 20壹5 RubiconSC
Ludwig Mond Award, 201陆 Asian and Oceanian Photochemistry Association
(APA) Masuhara Lectureship Award, 200陆 Japanese Photochemistry
Association (JPA) Eikohsha Award, 201陆 Japan Society of Coordination
Chemistry (JSCC) International Award, 200伍 State Natural Science Award,
201四 Chinese Chemical Society-China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation
(Sinopec) Chemistry Contribution Prize, 2011 Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation
Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress, Docteur Honoris Causa
(Université de Rennes 壹, 20一叁), 二〇〇六-0八 Frontiers in Chemical Research
Distinguished Lectureship (TAMU), 201叁 Seaborg Lectureship (UC
伯克利), 201六 Lee Lectureship (U Chicago), 201六 Lavoisier Lectureship
(U Paris Diderot), 20壹七 KAIST Chemistry Distinguished Lectureship Award,
201捌 查理 Force Hutchison Lectureship (U Rochester), 200柒 Fulbright
Distinguished Scholar, 三千-0一 Croucher Foundation Senior Research
Fellowship, 二〇〇四 Ten Outstanding Young Persons of Hong Kong, 二〇〇九 Hong
Kong Outstanding Women Professionals and Entrepreneurs Award, 20壹伍Bronze Bauhinia Star (BBS), and Leader of the Year 20一伍, etc. She has
published over 480 journal articles in international SCI journals.
Professor Yam currently serves as the Associate 艾德itor of the ACS
journal, Inorganic Chemistry, Volume 艾德itor of the series Comprehensive
Inorganic Chemistry II, and Series 艾德itor of Topics in Current Chemistry
and 途观SC Energy and Environmental Series. She currently serves on a
number of International 艾德itorial Advisory Boards of international SCI
journals and book series, such as Journal of the American Chemical
Society, Angewandte Chemie, Chemical Science, Chem, Accounts of Chemical
Research, Chemical Reviews, ACS Nano, Chemistry of Materials, ACS Omega,
Progress in Inorganic Chemistry, ChemPhysChem, New Journal of Chemistry,
Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, Inorganica Chimica Acta, and
International 艾德itorial Boards of international SCI journals such as
Coordination Chemistry Reviews, Philosophical Transactions of the 罗伊al
Society A, Nano Research, Comments on Inorganic Chemistry, Photochemical
and Photobiological Sciences, Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology
A: Chemistry, etc. She also serves as President of the Asian and
Oceanian Photochemistry Association (APA). Her research interests
include inorganic and organometallic chemistry, supramolecular
chemistry, photophysics and photochemistry, and molecular functional
materials for sensing, optoelectronics and energy research.附属类小部件:无

有关举行加州大学河滨分校殷亚东教授学术报告的文告,YAM教师学术报告会的打招呼。告诉题目:Exploiting light to push the limits of controlled radical
polymerization and macromolecular metamorphosis

告知标题:Smart Optical Materials by Nanoscale Assembly报 告
人:殷亚东教师 加州大学河滨分校邀 请
人:张勤远距离教育授告诉时间:十三月一日(星期天)1五:00报告地方:发光材质与器件国家根本实验室40贰会议室招待广大师生出席!材质科学与工程高校二〇一八年10月3日告诉摘要:斯马特materials hold great promises for many intrigue applications as they
exhibit chemical and physical responses to the applied external stimuli.
This presentation will focus on nanostructured materials with responsive
optical properties that can find applications in printing, sensing,
signage, security documents, and displays. We will discuss our recent
progresses on the development of chemical and assembly approaches for
the fabrication of various nanostructured materials whose optical
properties can be dynamically tuned by controlling the spatial
arrangement of the nanoscale building blocks. Many novel optical
materials could be developed by manipulating the diffraction,
refraction, birefringence, and electronic resonances through controlling
the interaction between light and the nanostructures.报告人介绍:Prof.
Yadong Yin received his B.S. (一九玖7) and M.S. (1997) in Chemistry from
the University of Science and Technology of China (with Prof. Zhicheng
Zhang), and PhD (贰零零四) from the University of 华盛顿, Seattle (with
Prof. Younan Xia). In 200三 he became a postdoctoral fellow at the
University of California, Beck雷 under the supervision of Prof. A.
Paul Alivisatos, and then a staff scientist at 劳伦斯 Beck雷National Laboratory in 2005. He joined the faculty at the Department of
Chemistry, University of California, Riverside as an Assistant Professor
in 200陆, and then he was promoted to Full Professor in 201四. His
research interest focuses on the synthesis, self-assembly, and
functionalization of nanostructured materials for catalytic, analytical,
and photonic applications. His recent recognitions include Cottrell
Scholar Award (二〇〇八), DuPont Young Professor Grant (2010), 3M Nontenured
Faculty Grant (20拾), NSF CAREE福睿斯 award (2010), and NML Researcher Award
(二〇一五). He was ranked by 汤姆森 Reuters among the Top 100 Chemists and
Top 十0 Materials Scientists in the world in the period of 3000-20拾, as
well as the Highly Cited Researcher in Chemistry (201四-201陆) and
Materials Science (201四), based on the citation impact. He is currently
an associate editor of the Journal of Materials Chemistry C, and also
serves on the editorial board for Research, NPG Asia Materials, Advanced
Functional Materials, SCIENCE CHINA Materials, and ChemNanoMat.附属类小部件:无

  1. Her expertise encompasses biomolecular interactions at interfaces,
    signal transduction across biomembranes and molecular mechanism of
    vision. She developed the Chiral Sum Frequency Generation Spectroscopy
    to probe protein secondary structures at interfaces in situ and in real
    time. As a tribute to her contributions to Chemistry, she was awarded
    Individual National Research Service Award, NSF CAREER Award, and Early
    Excellent in Physical Organic Chemistry. She is the elected chair of the
    Gordon Research Conference on Vibrational Spectroscopy. Since 2016, she
    has been an Editor of Biophysical Journal.附件:无

报 告 人:Professor Brent S. Sumerlin (University of Florida)







Relying solely on mild ultraviolet irradiation of thiocarbonylthio
compounds in the presence of vinyl monomers, a new avenue to
well-defined ultrahigh molecular weight (UHMW) polymers has been
developed. Through the use of aqueous conditions, well-controlled
polymers with high molecular weights that are unprecedented for
controlled radical polymerizations have been achieved. This
photomediated polymerization approach reaches number-average molecular
weights in excess of 8.00  106 g/mol with degrees of polymerization
above 85,000, making these, to our knowledge, the highest molecular
weight polymers ever achieved via reversible-deactivation radical
polymerization. In many cases, well-defined UHMW polymers can be
obtained in minutes. The utility of the technique is further
demonstrated through the synthesis of block copolymers, enabling access
to a new field of well-defined UHMW materials and polymers that can
undergo dramatic transformations in their topology via a process we call
macromolecular metamorphosis.


Brent Sumerlin graduated with a B.S. from North Carolina State
University in 1998 and received his Ph.D. in 2003 at the University of
Southern Mississippi under the direction of Dr. Charles McCormick. He
continued his work as a Visiting Assistant Professor/Postdoctoral
Research Associate in the group of Krzysztof Matyjaszewski at Carnegie
Mellon University from 2003–2005. In 2005 he joined the Department of
Chemistry at Southern Methodist University as an Assistant Professor,
and in 2009 he was promoted to Associate Professor with tenure. In the
fall of 2012, Prof. Sumerlin joined the Butler Polymer Research
Laboratory and the Center for Macromolecular Science & Engineering
within the Department of Chemistry at the University of Florida, where
he is currently the George Bergen Butler Professor of Polymer Chemistry.
He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and was been named a
Kavli Fellow (Frontiers of Science, National Academies of Sciences).
Prof. Sumerlin has won a number of awards, including the Alfred P. Sloan
Research Fellow, NSF CAREER Award, ACS Leadership Development Award,
Journal of Polymer Science Innovation Award,
Biomacromolecules/Macromolecules Young Investigator Award, and the
Hanwha-Total IUPAC Award. He is an associate editor of ACS Macro